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Body, soul and spirit in harmony: this is the essential principle of Ayurveda. Originating in India several millennia ago, the holistic concept embraces nutrition, body care and yoga to balance the body. Our Ayurveda shop offers a wide range of products for a holistic lifestyle based on Ayurvedic teaching.

Our bestseller

  • ” I do feel really good” tea cup & saucer

    29,90  incl. Vat

    It’s time for tea! Whether morning, afternoon or evening, there is nothing more refreshing and relaxing than a cup of tea. Enjoy while it rains, snows, during the Advent season and even in summer – hot drinks are good for your body anytime!

    Our Sonnhof tea cup is made of white porcelain with “I do feel really good” inscribed in green.


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  • Sonnhof Trikatu – spice blend

    8,00  incl. Vat

    Sonnhof Trikatu spice blend – helps to relieve digestive disorders and flatulence, promotes the production of digestive juices and stimulates the metabolism. Gently burns Ama, a useful detox aid.

    Ingredients: black pepper, long pepper & ginger

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  • Sharkara – Ayurvedic cane sugar 500 g

    11,90  incl. Vat

    According to the Ayurvedic writings, sharkara is the best sugar. Made the traditional way in small-scale production using methods that remove toxins naturally from the acid-producing joints and root of the sugar cane, this is the king of sugars.

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  • Original Ayurveda ghee 350 g

    17,90  incl. Vat

    Ghee is a type of clarified butter. According to ancient Indian tradition, ghee is an elixir of life as it is not only used for nutrition and cooking but also for medicinal purposes and is considered an all-round household remedy. Ghee supports digestion, stimulates the appetite, increases concentration and detoxifies the body.

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  • ”Liver Detox” Ayurvedic herbal & spice tea

    9,60  incl. Vat

    ”Liver Detox” herbal & spice tea from the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof.

    20 single envelope tea bags, individually packed to protect essential oils.

    Ingredients: dandelion, thyme, camomile flowers, fenugreek seeds, hyssop, mustard seeds, dill, apricot kernels & artichoke leaves.

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  • Pharmos Natur – aloe vera juice 750 ml

    50,50  incl. Vat

    Organic, holistically produced aloe vera juice of the highest quality. Contains a complex network of over 100 natural active ingredients to nurture the immune system, provide energy and vitality in skin and tissue cells and strengthen mucous membranes – the protective lining for internal organs, resulting in beautiful, healthy skin.

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  • Ayurvedic stainless steel tongue scraper

    7,90  incl. Vat

    In Ayurvedic medicine, tongue scraping is an essential part of daily oral hygiene as the process removes plaque and bacteria from the tongue. Directions: grasp the two ends of the scraper and apply with gentle pressure to the tongue 2-3 times from back to front. Made from durable stainless steel.

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Guest Opinions

Miss Viering

“For years, I have been coming here to observe how everything becomes more beautiful and harmonious with each stay. In this truly unique atmosphere …”

Miss Kelly

“Sonnhof has become my go – to for a mental & physical boost. If you embrace its ayurvedic regime, it can be a magical place to reboot your life & recharge your energy …”

Miss Funer

“I am always very happy with my stay at the beautiful Sonnhof Ayurveda Resort in Hinterthiersee. It is now like a second home for me – a refuge and an oasis of regeneration …”

Miss Herbstrith-Lappe

“My first impression was very different to my own expectations, however, everything turned out perfectly. Sonnhof, which specialises in European Ayurveda, offers a sensual experience right down to the last detail …”

Miss Wyler

“My stay at Sonnhof was a time where I experienced love, attention, respect for people and Ayurveda. The staff gave me peace of mind …”

Miss Noller

“Sonnhof is for me, something very special, unique, indescribable, a power place, loving and friendly, a piece of paradise, an oasis of wellness and just pure relaxation!
There is a very special energy …”

In balance with Ayurveda

Ayurvedic massages and yoga are known to many people. Continuous practise of these elements is beneficial and contributes to a well-balanced self and physical health. Our Ayurveda online shop offers products to support a holistic lifestyle based on this ancient tradition, so you can bring balance to your everyday and find inner peace.

Harmony and diversity: Ayurvedic types

Ayurveda develops its full healing potential when practised according to your Dosha type. With a Dosha test, you can discover if you’re an active Vata, spirited Pitta or grounded Kapha type. This knowledge is especially useful for the optimal balance of your Ayurvedic diet.

Depending on your Dosha, Ayurveda recommends certain spices to perfectly enhance your food. The ideal cooking temperature can also be determined by Dosha. Ayurveda works on the understanding that every individual and every type has different needs, which can be improved by awareness.

Nutrition according to Ayurveda

DaPhysical wellbeing can be influenced positively by correct nutrition. Ayurvedic cuisine excludes meat and animal proteins, relying instead on a careful combination of healthy products. Your Ayurvedic meal plan is supported with our spice blends and ghee – for example, ajwain spice provides seasoning to dal (lentil) and vegetable dishes and has a digestive effect.

Learn more with Ayurvedic literature

Preparation of dishes is easy with our cookbook of healthy Ayurvedic recipes, available in the online shop. The Ayurveda cookbook also explains which style of cooking suits each Dosha type.

You can discover more about the philosophy of Ayurveda in our shop. The ‘Ayurvedic book of life’ explains Ayurvedic teaching and is a practical guide to the holistic science of life.

Beautiful and balanced with Ayurvedic cosmetics

For a well-balanced self, it’s not just what we eat and how we think, but how we treat our body. Dosha type-appropriate face and body care makes you even more radiant. Your well-being is carried within but visible on the outside too!

Moisturise your lips with rich cream, treat your face with a cream that cares for 24 hours, or allow precious jasmine and ylang-ylang oils to gently nourish your hands.

Ayurveda for the home: sustainable decor

Relaxation, peace and harmony are important factors in Ayurveda. Create a mindful oasis with decorative items for the home made from sustainable raw materials such as palm wax. Practise yoga on our comfortable floor cushions and enjoy a peaceful, balanced sleep with a stone pine pillow.

Living according to the concepts of Ayurveda means you do not just do something good for yourself, but also for your environment. Sustainability is a priority in Ayurvedic teaching. Discover everything you need to start a balanced life in our online shop today!

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