Incense sticks are an ancient way to integrate your sense of smell into the practice of yoga. Allow the smoke to spread slowly around the room so that energy is distributed evenly. In addition to your fragrance, you can choose between different holders that harmoniously represent your fragrance.

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  • Bijos charcoal tablets 33 mm diameter

    4,90  incl. Vat

    Incense is traditionally burned on charcoal. Bijos charcoal tablets are ideal for incense burning, made of fast growing bamboo wood, easy to use and have a long burn time. Copyright:…

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  • Incense box

    19,90  incl. Vat

    This wooden incense box is particularly decorative - when the incense sticks are burning inside, the smoke escapes through the carved lid. Copyright: Bitto – Natürlich zum Wohlfühlen,

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  • Incense sticks goloka nag champa

    8,00  incl. Vat

    Goloka is one of India’s oldest nag champa factories. The golden yellow or white blooms of the champak tree have a pleasantly relaxing, sweet fragrance. For all fans of classic…

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