Locomotor System & Strengthening joints – Pain reduction

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MSM – Sulphur


MSM is the abbreviation for Methylsulfonylmethane, also known as dimethyl sulfone. It is an organic sulphur compound which is active in every living organism, providing our bodies with sulphur. MSM exists in every cell.

Fundamental bodily functions such as the immune system and the metabolism are dependant on sulphur. MSM is a natural analgesic, blocking the transport of pain impulses in the nerve fibres.

MSM also disables Inflammation and inflammatory reactions to a certain degree by enhancing the cortisol activity in the body. Cortisol is a natural, bodily produced, anti-inflammatory hormone.

However, this only applies if the cortisol level is even. A permanently elevated cortisol level can have negative effects on your health.

MSM improves the permeability of the cell membrane; with that the intake of nutrients and vitamins is facilitated as well as the evacuation of contaminants and redundant cellular fluids.

MSM amplifies the blood vessels thus enhancing the blood circulation. Moreover, it helps to remove the waste products from your body, accelerating the healing process.

MSM helps the muscles to relax – an important and often overlooked advantage because chronic pain is amplified often times because the endogenous muscles are permanently uptight.

MSM supports the bodies’ natural defence mechanism by regulating the prostaglandin metabolism, the creation of antibodies and the immune complex.

Dosage: 1 – 0 – 1 (after a meal respectively)




The healing power of frankincense (Boswellia) has held a tradition in the old ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Frankincense is the resin of the olibanum tree, which contains the Boswellia acid. The Boswellia acid has an anti-inflammatory, anodyne and antimicrobial effect. This is why frankincense is supposed to help with rheumatism and arthritis as well as easing symptoms of Crohn’s disease. Frankincense is anti-inflammatory and painkilling, used for arthrosis and arthritis, rheumatism, joint disease and for inflammatory processes such as gastritis and auto-immune disease.

Dosage: 2 – 0 – 2 (after a meal respectively)




Magnesium 400 from OrthoTherapia contains magnesium in three different organic and inorganic combinations to ensure a long-lasting bioavailability.

Magnesium is an element of the alkaline earth group. It is highly reactive and only exists chemically linked as carbonate, chloride, sulphate and silicates.

Magnesium is vital for all organisms. It is the second most common mineral in the human body. The biggest part can be found within the cells. About 60% of the endogenous magnesium is stored in the skeletal system.

It supports the locomotor system (preservation of vital bones, navigating the muscular function – relaxed), strengthens the nerve system, activates about 300 enzymes, activates ATP – i.e. the cellular fuel and contributes to a regular protein synthesis. Magnesium can help maintain the electrolyte balance.

Dosage: 1 per day


Balm:  Active Gel (prise excl. balm, 29,00 €)


Active Gel for external application, blood stimulating and cooling.

Good for arthrosis, muscle pain and to relieve tension.

Amplified effect in combination with DMSO.

Dosage:  As required apply one or multiple times a day on the respective skin patch and gently rub in