Boost for your immune system and rejuvenation

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Vitamin C 600 Ester


with phytochemicals as well as vitaminc C it contributes to a well-functioning immune system and a normal collagenic formation for the skin, bones, cartilage and blood vessel to function properly.

Compilation of rutin, quercetin and OPC grape seed extract as vitamin c shows a better bioavailability in association with bioflavonoids.

Vitamin c strengthens the immune system, contributes to a normal collagenic formation (blood vessels, teeth, gums), strengthens the energy metabolism, protects cells from oxidative stress and reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

Dosage: 1 – 0 – 1 (after a meal respectively)




Chyavanprash (Amalaki fruit mush), is one of the best-known ayurvedic fruit & herb mixtures. It strengthens the immune system and provides energy.


The main ingredient, the amla fruit, is one of the most antioxidative foods and contains more vitaminc c than oranges. It is also very ferrous. Chyavanprash contains other health enhancing ingredients, such as Ghee, sesame oil, ashwaganda, long pepper, cardamom, bamboo, saffron, cinnamon and honey. Studies show that this combination, tried and approved for decades, doubles the protection against infections. Furthermore, the studies show an improvement of energy levels, physical fitness, muscular strength, stress resistance and quality of life.

Dosage: 1 tsp – 0 – 1 tsp


PC-Grape seed extract


with Vitamin C and E, it helps to protect the cells against oxidative stress


OPC-Grape Seed Extract from OrthoTherapie contains OPC-Grape Seed Extract in a carefully adapted combination with vitamin C, vitamin E and acerola extract. Grape seed extract is considered to be the strongest of the antioxidants. Every day our body is attacked by those multiple times, which puts a strain on our immune system and can change our genome. OPC helps the body to fend of attacks from free radicals.

Furthermore, OPC serves to protect our vessels. It protects the vessels by strengthening the collagenic structures. It prevents the vascular walls to get too permeable.

It contributes to a healthy energy metabolism, strengthens the immune system and helps protect the cells against oxidative stress.

Dosage: 1 – 0 – 1 (after a meal respectively)

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