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Liver Detox Tea


Dandelion herb, thyme, camomile blossom, fenugreek seed, hyssop herb, mustard seed, dill, apricot stone, artichoke leaf

Dosage: 1-2 cups per day


Bhunimba (Kalmegh):


In the ayurvedic medicine the plant is used for protection of the liver and the respiratory tracts.

The bitter substances have a detoxifying and strengthening effect, against sinusitis, hepatitis, it is anti-inflammatory, blood-purifying and good against acute and chronic infects, strengthens the immune system.

Dosage:  2 – 0 – 2 (after a meal respectively)


 BitterKraft- Drops


Regaling and aromatic bitter substance by Hildegard.

A thoroughly chosen mix of traditional herbs. The right combination and ratio of the respective plants is a vital factor as the biological traits are only effective when working as a unity. It is more than only the sum of the respective parts.

This bitter and rough mix strengthens the liver & supports the digestive juices of the bile. It also stimulates the metabolism.


Water, alcohol, extracts from: Angelica root, gentian root, cardamom seeds, turmeric, cinnamon bark, galangal, ginger, artichoke, milk thistle herb

Dosage: Simply take 10 to 15 drops before food, diluted with water or juice or let them melt undiluted in your mouth