Morning ritual

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Tongue Scraping

The tongue scraping is part of the ayurvedic morning routine and helps to remove the toxins that have accumulated on the tongue over night. Since the mouth is already part of our digestive system, the tongue scraping further supports the daily cleansing. The cleaning of the tongue can help against halitosis and over time amplifies every flavour of food. Traditionally a tongue scraper made out of steel or even silver is used. After getting up in the morning just scrape the spoon or tongue scraper from the back of the tongue to the front for 5-7 times with enough pressure to remove the film.


Oil pulling

The tongue scraping is directly followed by oil pulling. For this, put approx. one teaspoon of oil – Ringana tooth oil – into your mouth and rinse and gargle the whole mouth and throat. Then spit the oil into the garbage and rinse the mouth with water. Oil pulling is a very effective method to keep mouth, teeth and gums healthy. Additionally, it extricates the toxins – similarly to the tongue scraping – and supports the detoxification of the body.


Forever Tooth Paste – without fluoride

The purifying and nurturing effects of the Aloe Vera plant also come into play with the dental care and bring the best results: The supplementary propolis makes the Forever Bright® Toothgel a dental hygiene product of the highest quality. It protects sensitive gums and will convince you at first try with its refreshing taste. For a beaming smile and fresh breath.



1. First, use the tongue scraper to remove the coating of the tongue

2. The next step is the oil pulling to remove any toxins

3. Last but not least clean everything by using the tooth paste