Strengthening the the nerves & improve sleep

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5 http Komplex


5-HTP Komplex from OrthoTherapia contains a thoroughly adapted

5-HTP combination with vitamin B12, folate and pantothenic acid as well as plant extracts and water lemon for a harmonising effect against stress. Griffonia simplicifolia is a climbing shrub, containing 5-HTP in its natural form. 5-HTP kann help shape the messenger substance serotonin as well as melatonin with the support of different metabolic steps.

Dosage: 1 – 0 – 1 (after a meal respectively)




Brahmi is a heart and nerve tonic. One of its most outstanding features is its capability to be soothing at relaxing as well as elucidative for spirit and body.

Effect: brain tonic, soothing, pain-relieving, blood-purifying, antiphlogistic, detoxifying, helps concentration

Dosage: 1 (after breakfast) – 0 – 2 (before bed)


Golden Milk


Heat up 150ml milk with saffron und stir in a spoonful of honey before drinking it. Best drunk before going to bed – it soothes vata, clears the mind and helps to sleep better.

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